Wednesday, 18 June 2014


English is complicated to learn because of the highly idiomatic nature of  the language and because  it is one of the most vocabulary rich languages in the world. The compendious Oxford English Dictionary lists about 600,000 words; and a further half-million technical and scientific terms remain uncatalogued! According to traditional estimates, neighbouring German has a vocabulary of about 185,000 and French fewer than 100,000.

Here are some tips to learn English vocabulary
without difficulty or effort.

Your language learning should start with fun! You can start to read some news, blogs, short stories and novels. You will discover  so many new words!
Watching an English movie with the subtitle is more enjoyable and educational too. When doing so, you can observe each and every word. Words you learn from movies will stay in your thoughts for long. You can repeat the dialogues after your favourite actor. So learning will turn fun too! Neurocognitive research has proven that learning which engages the whole person naturally is far more effective than the directed studying and memorization of new vocabulary.
Listening to English songs will help you learn new words. It will also allow you to focus on your pronunciation and understanding of the English language’s rhythm, tone and beat. You will acquire grammar and improve spelling too.
Start writing a diary
This habit is one of the best ways available to improve your vocabulary. Just use the words you have learned so far and register your beautiful memories. 
Get a high quality pocket dictionary. Even though you can’t find all 600,000 words in this tiny version, it will have all the necessary words that are in use today. Make a habit of learning  5 to 10 new words every day.
The beauty of the English language lies in the proper use of idioms. When you read newspapers and magazines, you will find many handsome idioms. Write them  in your notebook and make use of them every time you can. Once you master the usage of idioms, you will sound more like a native speaker.
Speak in English wherever you can
Try to communicate in English wherever you have an opportunity. Throw off your shyness!  If you have the means to immerse yourself with English language speakers, this is definitely the most effective method.

By employing these enjoyable and almost effortless ways to learn English vocabulary, you will be speaking like a native in nothing flat!

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