Monday, 29 December 2014


Geoffrey Chaucer (1342/3–1400) was born into a well-to-do English family. Not much is known about his education but he was well read, spoke French and had some knowledge of Latin and Italian. He was the king’s personal attendant and married a servant of the queen’s. He fought in the Hundred Year’s War against France, was captured and the king had to pay a ransom for him. He was sent on diplomatic and trade missions to France and Italy. He was controller of the Customs on wool and wine. The Canterbury Tales, his major work, is considered one of the greatest works in English literature.
Here you can find an informative website which will help you learn about Geoffrey Chaucer's life  and  his masterpiece,  The Canterbury Tales.  Here   you can download a PDF presentation of the pilgrims on their journey. 
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