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Emily Brontë is best known for writing the novel Wuthering Heights in 1847. She was the sister of Charlotte and Anne Brontë, also famous authors.
At first, reviewers did not know what to make of Wuthering Heights, a novel where realism and Gothic symbolism combine to form a work of fiction which is full of social relevance  and where themes such as good versus evil, chaos and order, selfishness, betrayal and obsession intertwine as the story unfolds.  It was only after Emily Brontë's death that the book developed its reputation as a literary masterwork. She died of tuberculosis on 19 December 1848.
The parsonage where Emily Brontë spent much of her life is now a museum.  The Brontë Society operates the museum and works to preserve and honor the work of the Brontë sisters. Read here
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